San Fran Returns to Cash as Silicon Valley Pushes Tech on Nation

City banning credit-only stores

Image Credits: Chris Chabot / Flickr.

Is a ban on facial recognition and a return to cash showing backlash against Big Tech coming from its home turf?

As Facebook plans on rolling out a cashless payment system, San Francisco is banning credit-only stores, requiring businesses to accept cash.

District Five Supervisor Vallie Brown, who introduced the legislation, said that not allowing cash was unfair to immigrants and the homeless.

America has long been the envy of immigrants worldwide who desire the freedoms we have enshrined in our constitution.

Brown wants to go further and ban Amazon’s cashless stores. The SFGate added:

“Some people also prefer to use cash because they don’t want to leave a digital trail of where they have been and what they have bought.”

San Francisco has also banned government use of facial recognition technology. Wired Magazine reports:

“San Francisco’s ban comes amidst a series of proposals that highlight tensions between the city and tech companies that call it home. On Tuesday, the city also unanimously approved a ban on cashless stores, an effort aimed at Amazon’s cashierless Go stores. Waiting in the wings? A so-called “IPO tax,” in response to the endless march of tech companies going public, which would authorize a city-wide vote to raise the tax rate on corporate stock-based compensation.”

The Chinese social credit system utilizes cashless payment to control individuals who have a low score.

Multiple individuals in the United States have been banned from banks for their political views while Big Tech purges and censors their content online.

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