San Fran Spends Over $300,000 Registering 49 Non-Citizens to Vote

Taxpayers fund exorbitant program to recruit illegal alien voters

Image Credits: David Paul Morris / Bloomberg via Getty Images.

The city of San Francisco has sunk over $300,000 into a pilot program aimed at registering non-citizens and illegal aliens to vote in upcoming November 6th elections.

A whopping $310,000 has been spent establishing and attempting to grow a new voter registration system specifically for non-citizen city residents, but thus far only 49 people have signed up, according to a report by the San Francisco Chronicle.

At a rate of $6,326 per sign-up, the Chronicle deems the initiative “a bust the first time out,” but concludes, “at that price, let’s hope they vote.”

The initiative follows the passage of a 2016 ballot measure that enabled certain non-citizens to vote in local school board elections.

Incredibly, San Francisco Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer also reportedly “urged the city to spend as much as $500,000 to warn undocumented residents that registering to vote could point ICE their way,” after officials discovered the Trump administration’s immigration enforcement was stricter than the status quo they had likely anticipated.

“This year, city officials began voicing concerns that signing up could expose people here illegally to detection by Immigration and Customs Enforcement since voter rolls — including home addresses — could be subpoenaed by the feds,” the Chronicle reports.

California hosts the largest share of illegal immigrants (at least 2.4 million) living in the United States, and the San Francisco metro region has one of the highest populations of illegal immigrants in the country, according to Pew Research.

“The San Francisco Unified School District doesn’t keep track of how many of its students or parents are noncitizens,” reports the Los Angeles Times. “The district website reports that 29% of its 54,063 students are English-language learners — an indication of the size of the district’s immigrant population.”

The San Francisco Unified School District lists its 2018-2019 recommended total budget at over $1.1 billion.

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