San Fran Store Owner Bitten Twice by Vagrants in Separate Attacks

Shopkeeper says aggressive homeless destroying neighborhood

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A San Francisco business owner says he is considering closing his store after a series of incidents involving vagrants and drug addicts, including two separate attacks in which he was bitten.

Gilles DeSaulniers says his sister was assaulted by a homeless man as they attempted to drive him out Harvest Urban Market for the second time that day.

The man then bit DeSaulniers in the arm when he intervened, the second time he has been bitten by an aggressive bum in the past four months.

“I was holding onto him and he twisted his head and he bit my arm,” DeSaulniers told KRON4.

Police later charged Adam Aschebrock, 29, with aggravated assault and battery.

DeSaulniers says he was also bitten while attempting to thwart a shoplifter in June.

He says aggressive homeless people are running rampant and destroying his neighborhood and business, and that he will soon need to replace his back door as it is rusted out from repeated exposure to urine.

“They create a lot of garbage. There is feces on the sidewalk. People piss on back door. It smells; it’s a public health nuisance,” DeSaulniers said. “The public health department wants us to keep everything nice, but when you walk outside the door, it’s like the plague all over again.”

“About every half hour to hour, we have some kind of incident — theft, violence, crazy people walking around, people who need mental health [help]. There’s needles everywhere. People have threatened me with a needle.”

DeSaulniers says he often finds people selling or doing drugs in his bathroom, as well as homeless encampments around his store.

“Police can’t really do much, we call all the time and it feels like our voices aren’t being heard,” Desaulniers said. “Nothing’s changing, everything is just getting worse and worse and worse.”

“It’s just not worth it. You know, we pay taxes to the city. The police can’t do anything. The laws have changed.”

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