San Fran Train Conductor Warns Passengers About Drug “Needles” – At Every Stop!

Progressive utopia overrun with drug addicts

Image Credits: Melanie Stetson Freeman/The Christian Science Monitor via Getty Images.

Passengers aboard a San Francisco public train were warned to watch out for “needles” in the seating area by a concerned conductor, according to riders.

BuzzFeed tech reporter Caroline O’Donovan tweeted about a recent experience riding the Bay Area Rapid Transit when the conductor of her train issued words of caution regarding potential health hazards that could be linked to drug users.

“This morning in San Francisco, BART conductor on the PA: ‘Please look around you for needles before you sit down. There’s at least one needle in car 1551 and there may be others. Thank you,'” O’Donovan wrote. “He’s saying it at every stop. ‘Once again, please make sure there are no needles in or around your seat before you sit down.'”

“Eventually a woman in a BART uniform came through wearing rubber gloves and a face mask carrying a dustpan and broom… what a job!”

In May, a woman told police she had been pricked with the tip of a syringe after sitting on a BART seat – an incident that was apparently not isolated.

“Anecdotally, police say they have reports similar to this once or twice a month. As far as we are concerned, that is once or twice a month too many,” said BART spokesman Chris Filippi. “This is… serious and this is something BART needs to address and is addressing with the resources that we have.”

Shocking video depicting vagrants openly injecting drugs in a busy BART station surfaced in April, offering a stunning glimpse at the societal decay gripping the once-hallowed Golden City.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed recently told local media that there is “more feces on the sidewalks than I’ve ever seen.”

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