San Francisco Removes Anti-Vagrant Boulders Placed by Frustrated Residents

Officials claim rocks weren't big enough to be effective

Image Credits: Screenshot.

The city of San Francisco has removed boulders placed along a side street by residents to deter vagrants and drug use, with officials saying they have become a safety issue and hassle.

The San Francisco Public Works Department cleared approximately two dozen large rocks which had been strategically deployed in a grassroots effort funded and planned by local residents of the Mission Dolores neighborhood, who say bums and drug addicts were camping out in tents and makeshift shelters.

However, agitators quickly targeted the project and turned it into a debacle.

“Over the weekend, protesters gathered to drink Rolling Rock (no, really) and engaged in a cat and mouse game, rolling rocks into the street that Public Works crews would haul right back on to the sidewalk,” the San Francisco Examiner reports.

Public Works director Mohammed Nuru says the boulders had to be removed because they “were not big enough,” but claims he supports residents’ efforts to fund a solution.

“We’re at the drawing board now. We’re definitely going to look at some of the things we have learned,” Nuru told CNN. “It could be bigger boulders, it could be some kind of landscaping, it could be something different, but we’re going to work with the neighbors on something they want.”

Despite investing over $2,000 into the boulder project via GoFundMe, Nuru has indicated residents of Mission Dolores will likely be on the hook for at least part of the removal costs.

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