Sanders Campaign Uses Trump Assassination Scare to Promote Fundraising

Bernie posts video of own supporter rushing Trump

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Bernie Sanders called for donations to his 2020 presidential campaign in an Instagram post featuring video of one of his own supporters rushing the stage at a Donald Trump rally in 2016.

The video posted by Sanders’ account is a spoof of original footage of a harrowing incident in which left-wing activist Thomas DiMassimo, 22, attempted to charge candidate Trump during an event in Dayton, Ohio, just days after DiMassimo had reportedly stated his desire to become a “martyr” on social media.

Want to really scare Trump? Help us show the strength of our campaign to defeat him—chip in before our fundraising deadline at midnight at the link in bio. #bernie2020,” Sanders wrote in the video caption.

Sanders’ copy of the video depicts the socialist senator in a well-known meme context, seated in a chair as he mimics the ‘monster’ he portrays for his grandchildren at Halloween.

At the time of the 2016 incident, Secret Service quickly surrounded a Trump amid fears of a possible assassination attempt after DiMassimo jumped a barrier and attempted to mount the speaking platform.

“Thank you for the warning,” Trump said after the threat was neutralized. “I was ready for him, but it’s much easier if the cops do it, don’t we agree?”

DiMassimo would go on to tell the Dayton Daily News that he had no regrets about his actions, implying that more should have followed his example.

“I think a better question to ask all of the people who consider themselves more on the left side of issues… and are anti-Trump (is) ‘Do I stand by all that I didn’t do?’” DiMassimo said. “Because maybe if there were, like, 10 more (people like me) in every city, willing to rush through that barrier, we wouldn’t have to talk about (Trump’s) first two months.”

“So that people in their mind could think, wow, someone’s willing to hurt this man for the things he’s saying and the things he’s doing,” DiMassimo continued. “Not that I would. But I think that’s healthy (for people to consider).”

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