Sandy Hook Lawyers Demand Alex Jones ‘Relinquish Control’ of Infowars To Them — Jones Responds!

The priority is to totally shut down Infowars and take Alex Jones off the air, not to simply seek compensation over Sandy Hook remarks.

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The lawyers of the Sandy Hook families demanded that Alex Jones surrender control of his media company Infowars over to them.

The parents of the children killed in the Sandy Hook mass shooting have accused Jones of funneling millions of dollars to himself and family members while claiming he and Infowars are bankrupt, according to The New York Times.

Sandy Hook victims’ families asked a federal bankruptcy court on Thursday to order the Infowars conspiracy broadcaster Alex Jones to relinquish control over his company, saying he has “systematically transferred millions of dollars” to himself and his relatives while claiming to be broke.

In a filing in the bankruptcy court in Houston, the families of nine Sandy Hook victims said they sought to have a bankruptcy trustee who is already monitoring the case take control of Free Speech Systems, the parent company of Mr. Jones’s misinformation-peddling media outlet. The families are also seeking a court-appointed oversight committee to restrict Mr. Jones’s ability to control Infowars’s finances.

“Alex Jones is not financially bankrupt; he is morally bankrupt, which is becoming more and more clear as we discover his plots to hide money and evade responsibility,” Kyle Farrar, a lawyer for the families, reportedly said. “He used lies to amass a fortune, and now he is using lies and fiction to shield his money.”

Nine families of the Sandy Hook shooting victims have filed another lawsuit on top of an original lawsuit seeking damages for retracted claims Jones made about the 2012 mass shooting.

Though Jones’ lawyer R.J. Shannon has yet to file an official response, Jones himself weighed in on the development during his Monday broadcast of The Alex Jones Show.

“The Democrats have filed in federal court to ‘seize’ control of Infowars last Friday, claiming we’re a criminal organization and all these lies with no evidence and no real facts, because they’ve been given the orders by their higher ups to get us off the air,” Jones said, adding that getting Infowars off air will allow the globalists to more easily blame conservatives for any false flag attacks in the future.

“That’s how specific, that’s how direct, and that’s how real this is,” Jones continued. “But thank God the public of America and all over the world understand the New World Order, understand the Great Reset, understands their programs and are not buying it, they’re not going along with it.”

As we’ve pointed out, the lawyers for the Sandy Hook families admitted that the ultimate aim of their lawsuit against Jones and Infowars is not to seek compensation, but to “take him out” and “divide up the corpse of Infowars.”

“I ask that with your verdict you not only take Alex Jones’ platform away, you make certain he will not rebuild the platform,” attorney Wesley Ball told the Texas jury. “That is punishment. That is deterrence.”

Jones has been ordered by a jury to pay a total of $49.3 million to Sandy Hook families, and a second Sandy Hook defamation trial on Connecticut begins on September 13.

Watch Alex Jones and attorney Robert Barnes break down the verdict: