‘Saturday Night Live’ Copes With Impeachment Failure In Bizarre Fantasy Trial Resulting In Trump Conviction

Libs can't handle incoming Trump acquittal by the Senate

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” presented a fantasy impeachment trial of President Trump “you wish had happened,” after the Senate voted against more witnesses last week, paving the way for an acquittal on Wednesday.

The sketch parodied proceedings that happened in the Senate over the last two weeks, reimagining a trial in which witnesses like former National Security Adviser John Bolton, former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and Trump appear for testimony.

After appearances by “Lindsey Graham,” and “Mitch McConnell,” Alec Baldwin’s Trump enters the chamber, where he insists he didn’t withhold aide to Ukraine because he’s a “sick old man.”

“How could I withhold aid from Ukraine? I can barely get around the house,” he said.

“Ladies and gentlemen of this government place, what I’ve learned from this trial is that clearly nothing I do or say has any consequence, so I’d like to come clean about everything,” Baldwin’s Trump adds later. “The call with the Ukraine wasn’t perfect; it was illegal. And, frankly, it was a butt dial.”

Kenan Thompson, playing reality TV host Judge Greg Mathis, finds Trump guilty of all charges, fining the president $10,000 and ordering him to say something nice about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

“Her body’s an ‘8’,” Baldwin’s Trump said.

Rand Paul was denied by the Dems as he attempted to expose the identity of the ‘whistleblower’ in the Senate impeachment hearings.