Scarborough: Only ‘Very Very Stupid’ People Think Trump Won’t Be Charged With Obstruction

Issues plea directly to House Speaker Paul Ryan asking him to somehow prevent secret FIA memo release

On Monday, Joe Scarborough ratcheted up the rhetoric against President Trump’s supporters and allies who question the validity of the Mueller investigation.

In an emotional outburst the likes of which Morning Joe viewers have come to expect from the show’s host, Scarborough explicitly insulted those who might question the efficacy of the case against the President: “Anybody that writes an op-ed and suggests that Donald Trump has not put himself directly in the target of an obstruction charge is just fooling themselves and some very, very stupid, ill-informed readers.”

Scarborough’s agitation may have been due to the upcoming vote in the House Intelligence Committee on whether to release the controversial memo written by Committee Chairman Devin Nunes.

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