Scarborough: "Primary Voters Devolved Into A Trumpist Cult"

Pro-Trump candidates win big in primaries

Image Credits: Bryan Bedder / Getty.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough says the reason for the latest pro-Trump victories in the primaries is because voters have “devolved into a Trumpist cult.”

While covering the election defeat of South Carolina Rep. Mark Sanford at the hands of Trump-endorsed candidate Katie Arrington, Scarborough blamed the loss of Sanford on his willingness to say negative things about the president.

“Mark Sanford survives what should have been a career-ending scandal. As governor, he lies about going on the Appalachian trail … becomes the butt of late-night jokes. Nobody said that guy would ever be elected back to Congress and we won,” the Morning Joe host rambled.

“Two years later he votes with Trump maybe 95% of the time,” Scarborough exaggerated before being corrected by a fellow panelist. “87% … says one or two things about Trump that people don’t like … and is so conservative – really conservative, not a Trumpist – that even the freedom caucus says ‘we would not have passed the tax cuts without Mark … but primary voters are like ‘no, we don’t care that he is one of the most conservative people, he said one or two bad things about Trump.'”

Sanford previously accused Trump of having “fanned the flames of intolerance” and creating a political atmosphere that caused shooting at a congressional Republicans’ baseball practice.

Before allowing any guest panelist to completely respond, Scarborough then claimed that “primary voters have devolved into a Trumpist cult,” an assessment that received agreeing nods from co-host Mika Brzezinski.

The Morning Joe guest panelists would go on to agree that Trump’s “cult of personality” has such a strong hold over the Republican voting base that his ability to tweet has those who aren’t onboard with the ‘Make America Great Again’ agenda too scared to speak up.

“Trump’s power over his base is significant enough that he can kill you regardless of how conservative your voting record is, regardless of your history in the Republican party, regardless of your ideology, if he wants to put a target on your back, he will,” guest Joe Heileman would say in regards to Trump’s tweet endorsing Katie Arrington before the South Carolina primary.

Pro-Trump candidates won big across the board in Tuesday’s primaries which covered 5 states, suggesting the MAGA messages is still holding strong amongst voters.