SCHLICHTER: Brutalized By Trump’s Winning, Liberals Nip at Conservatives’ Ankles

Dems desperately lashing out as Resistance implodes

The Democrats are having a major case of the sadz, and it’s hilarious.

Their generic lead in the midterms ballot has evaporated. After the Iran and North Korea triumphs, Obama’s legacy is just a smoking ruin of broken dreams and corrected failures. And Stormy Daniels’s cheesy reign on CNMSNBC has morphed into a rain of singles from leering weirdos at creepy places with names like “The Treasure Chest” and “Reliable Sources.”

So what do the liberals do when they are losing the all the big fights? They try to score points by taking some conservative scalps, which should thrill Elizabeth Warren. But they only end up biting at conservatives’ ankles.

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