School Changes Dress Code to Combat Vaping

Kids using long sleeves to hide smoke exhales

Image Credits: Rainer Jensen/picture alliance via Getty Images.

A Texas school district has announced a stricter dress code as a means to crack down on vaping by students, according to ABC 7 Amarillo.

Officials at Channing Independent School District in the Texas panhandle have determined that students use long sleeves to conceal e-cigarettes and are introducing new restrictions on what pupils may wear at school.

“We found a couple of Juuls that are like vape pens and confiscated them,” said Channing ISD Superintendent Robert McClain. “We went to the internet trying to figure out, ‘Okay, how big a problem is this?’

Upon discovering that students may be using sleeves and hoods to disguise smoke exhalations, administrators decided to impose clothing regulations.

“If they’re wearing long sleeves of any sort, they got to pull them up or roll them up basically two or three inches above the wrist,” said McClain. “When they put their hands to their face, we know it’s not going on.”

“We considered doing away with hoodies completely but some of our kids are cold-natured. Some of our kids like the hoodies. I don’t want to punish our kids but I want to keep our kids safe.”

While some parents disapprove of the move as an overreach, others are comfortable with the plan.

“As a parent, I want my kids to know that everybody is watching out for them because it takes a community to raise a child,” said Renee Miller. “I feel the staff is watching out for the kids and that’s the best interest.”

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