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Image for Hundreds of Individual Galaxies Found Hiding in Plain Sight

Hundreds of Individual Galaxies Found Hiding in Plain Sight

Cluster surrounds extremely active supermassive black hole or quasar

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Image for Chinese Firm Touting ‘Innovative’ Software Found Using Parts of Google’s Code

Chinese Firm Touting ‘Innovative’ Software Found Using Parts of Google’s Code

Intellectual property theft or further integration of China, US tech?

16 hours ago By CNBC

From ‘menace’ to assets: Soros now buying social media shares

News of Soros’s acquisitions have raised suspicions in circles that have long seen Soros as a foe of copyrights.

17 hours ago By RT

Water-Splitting Tech Paves Way for Hydrogen Fuel

Expensive metals major barrier for progress

1 day ago By Tech Xplore

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Aug 15, 2018

Alex Jones suspended from Twitter after tweet calling to end censorship

According to Twitter, a tweet by Jones one day earlier was considered to be “targeted harassment.”

Aug 14, 2018

The Purge: Facebook now deleting alternative left-wing media pages too

The NATO-backed @DFRLab is currently assisting FB's purge. This is deeply disturbing.

Aug 14, 2018

Hungary: Sex is biologically determined, the concept of gender, as ‘social sex’ is nonsense

If the amendment becomes official, it will mean that nobody can attend gender studies courses in Hungary and get a degree in the subject.

Aug 14, 2018

Ultra-Wealthy Elitists Are Having Their Brains Frozen So That They Can “Come Back To Life” 100s Of Years In The Future

Throughout history, money has allowed the elite to buy just about anything they want – except an escape from death.

Aug 13, 2018

“Stretchable” Electronics Worn on Skin Like A Bandage

Sophisticated design soon as convenient as smartphone

Aug 13, 2018

Time Flows “Backwards” During Star Collapse – Study

Astrophysicists examine process not yet known to science

Aug 13, 2018

Infowars Website Traffic Explodes After Silicon Valley Blacklists Alex Jones Empire

It's entirely possible that if the newfound site visitors stick around, Jones would end up more profitable than before he was blacklisted

Aug 10, 2018

Brain Circuitry Revealed

Breakthrough in brain maturation research

Aug 10, 2018

Blue Light Emitted from Smartphones and Laptops Accelerates Blindness – Study

Study explains how exposure to blue light can cause age-related macular degeneration

Aug 10, 2018

Now YouTube Is Adding ‘Fact Checks’ to Videos that Question ‘Climate Change’

The real issue here, of course, is that like Big Tech’s near-blanket banning of Alex Jones, it’s the thin end of the wedge

Aug 10, 2018

Is The Censorship Of Conservatives Part Of The Reason Why Facebook Is Losing Massive Amounts Of Traffic?

We must never let up in the fight for Internet freedom, because ultimately it is the freedom of all of humanity that is at stake

Aug 09, 2018

Aug 09, 2018

Liberal defends Infowars: ‘I don’t want them deciding what ideas I can read and what I can’t

Writer and comedian Andrew Doyle believes the decision of online media platforms to remove content by the conspiracy theorist website InfoWars was wrong.

Aug 09, 2018

Twitter Plans ‘Hate Speech’ Crackdown After Backlash From Upset Employees

Twitter also plans to evaluate whether the company needs to better police “off-platform behavior.” 

Aug 08, 2018

Shock: FDA Acquiring ‘Fresh’ Aborted Baby Parts to Make ‘Humanized Mice’

Government plans to collect fetal tissue to fuse mice with 'human immune systems'

Aug 08, 2018

Aug 08, 2018

‘Truth is treason in empire of lies’: Ron Paul on Big Tech censorship

“Challenging the status quo is what they can’t stand and it unnerves them, so they have to silence people.”

Aug 08, 2018

InfoWars App Overtakes CNN on Charts, CNN Lobbies Apple to Censor

InfoWars shot up the charts following censorship of its accounts on most major platforms.

Aug 08, 2018

CENSORED: Disqus Bans Infowars, Entire Alex Jones Network of Websites

Disqus sent Alex Jones a vague message saying they banned him for being "in violation" of their terms of service.

Aug 07, 2018

Astronomers Witness First Mass Eruption From a Foreign Star

Ejection carried one billion trillion grams of material

Aug 07, 2018

Drone Taught to Herd Birds From Airports Autonomously

New control algorithm allows single drone to protect airspace

Aug 07, 2018

Twitter suspends Ron Paul Institute executive’s account, one day after Big Tech blocks InfoWars

The suspensions come a day after Alex Jones, and his podcast InfoWars, was kicked out from several popular media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube and Spotify

Aug 06, 2018

Leftists Cheer Apple Purging Alex Jones From iTunes For ‘Hate Speech,’ Demand More Censorship

Even though America has no laws against "hate speech," Apple is acting as speech police and moving hard to shut down opinions which go against their globalist agenda

Aug 06, 2018

Aug 04, 2018

Facebook punishes Trump ‘Crossing the Swamp’ painting post

“I can’t believe my Facebook advertisement was REJECTED!”

Aug 03, 2018

World First: Scientists Precisely Measure Synthetic Diamond Growth

Diamondoids see massive growth with at least 26 carbon atoms

Aug 03, 2018

Rogue Planet Discovered With “Incredible Magnetism”

Magnetic field four-million times stronger than Earth's

Aug 03, 2018

Aug 03, 2018

Engineers Seriously Eye Popcorn-Powered Robots

Popcorn's unique qualities help cheap devices grip, expand, change rigidity

Aug 03, 2018

Bezos Throws Cash, Engineers at Rocket Program as Space Race Accelerates

Billionaire hoping to pull space company out of start-up mode

Aug 02, 2018

Young Star “Eats” its First Planet

Significant observation for studying formation of planets

Aug 02, 2018

Historic Stellar Blast Blows Astronomers Away

Fastest jettisoned gas ever measured that didn't completely annihilate star