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Image for Two Earth-Like Planets Discovered Near One of Our Closest Stars

Two Earth-Like Planets Discovered Near One of Our Closest Stars

Planets slightly heavier than Earth, liquid water present

4 hours ago By University of Göttingen | Science Daily

Image for Viral CGI Video Shows Robot Rebelling, Violently Attacking its Creators

Viral CGI Video Shows Robot Rebelling, Violently Attacking its Creators

Our collective future?

1 day ago By Paul Joseph Watson | INFOWARS.COM

Earth Is Moving Toward The Same Meteor Swarm That Scientists Believe Caused The Tunguska Explosion Of 1908

Giant rocks go whizzing by our planet on a continual basis, and much of the time we do not even see them until they have already passed us

2 days ago By Michael Snyder | End of The American Dream

Facebook Doubling Ad Spending to Boost Reputation amid Censorship, Antitrust Concerns

Facebook reportedly spent $382 million on ads in the last year, which is up $50 million from 2017

3 days ago By Breitbart

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Jun 14, 2019

NASA reveals estimated cost of Artemis moon program

Program aims for sustainable presence on the moon

Jun 14, 2019

‘This Works’: Group Says Drinking Your Own Pee Is Good For You

“It’s the fluid of your body that’s being given to you.”

Jun 14, 2019

Watch: Scientists Create “Deepfake” Software Allowing Anyone To Edit Anything Anyone Says On Video

Scientists at Stanford are doing their part to create what will be an inevitable dystopian nightmare.

Jun 13, 2019

Fired Pinterest Insider Goes Public

"This is the watershed moment."

Jun 12, 2019

REVEALED: Two More Google Blacklists Designed To Remove ‘Fringe Domains’ And Op-Eds From Special Search Results

At least two other blacklists are applied to Google’s web answers feature, one of which is manually edited, documents obtained by The Daily Caller indicate

Jun 12, 2019

The Future Is Here: Watch Robot Cop Pull Over Driver And Issue Ticket

"The main advantage of a robot over a human is that physical danger no longer matters."

Jun 12, 2019

Antitrust Hearing Starts With Big Media Citing Junk Study to Demand Big Tech Hand Them Tons Of Money

Your businesses are failing despite Big Tech doing everything in their power to prop you up because nobody wants the propaganda you're selling as "news."

Jun 10, 2019

New York Times Runs Elaborate Front-Page Sunday Smear of YouTube Conservatives

The New York Times went all out on Sunday to reveal a YouTube censorship plan on behalf of YouTube and the Democrats

Jun 10, 2019

Boston Dynamics To Start Selling Creepy Robot Dogs

According to Raibert, Boston Dynamics will be selling "athletic intelligence" through its robots

Jun 08, 2019

Jun 07, 2019

YouTube to Step Up Suppression of Videos That Don’t Violate Any Rules, Promote News Outlets

YouTube is now expanding the pilot program to include more “borderline” videos while giving a boost to “authoritative” sources

Jun 06, 2019

YouTube Begins Purging ‘Thousands Of Videos And Channels’ For Advocating ‘Bigoted Ideologies’

Multiple channels were banned in the immediate aftermath of the announcement

Jun 03, 2019

Orwellian Future: Facial Recognition & Mass Surveillance Is Coming To U.S. Schools

An authoritarian dystopian system that seeks to monitor everyone at all times, and it’s coming to all schools

Jun 03, 2019

From ‘young blood’ transfusions to apocalypse insurance – weird ways tech billionaires are trying to live forever

At least a dozen of the world's richest men have ploughed millions into bizarre ways to live forever. Here are five of the weirdest.

Jun 03, 2019

Did The Government Just Test The Internet Kill Switch?

So far, no one has blamed Russia...yet!

Jun 02, 2019

Trump Declares War On Silicon Valley: DoJ Launches Google Anti-Monopoly Probe

For months now, the FTC has appeared to be gearing up for a showdown with big tech.

Jun 02, 2019

“Extreme Vetting” Escalates: U.S. Visa Applicants Must Now Turn Over Their Social Media History

Trump's executive order is called "Protecting The Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States." 

May 29, 2019

This Is Not “Normal”: There Have Been More Than 500 Tornadoes In The U.S. During The Last 30 Days

Since 1998, there has been an average of 279 tornadoes during the month of May.  So the fact that we have had more than 500 over the last 30 days means that we are running way, way above normal…

May 28, 2019

Study Input Informs NASA Course for a Vibrant Future Commercial Space Economy

High costs for crew and cargo transportation continue to present a barrier

May 28, 2019

“A Tsunami of Fake Sh*t”: Joe Rogan Sounds Alarm on Deep Fake Videos

"They can make video of you saying things from a single photograph"

May 28, 2019

The Guardian: ‘Women Are Happier Without Children or a Spouse’

I'm sure it's just pure coincidence this article came out just days after the New York Times caused a mass triggering by reporting just the opposite

May 27, 2019

May 24, 2019

May 24, 2019

Meanwhile In China: If You Don’t Recycle, Big Brother Will Get You

And now, if residents of Xi'an fail to properly sort their trash, they will be docked social credit points or fined

May 22, 2019

Massive Ice Discovery Opens Window Into Mars’ History

Could cover planet with 5ft deep water if melted

May 22, 2019

NYT: ‘Pregnancy Kills. Abortion Saves Lives.’

It's a wonder humans were able to survive for millennia before lifesaving abortions were invented!

May 21, 2019

YouTube’s ‘Trending’ Tab is Rigged in Favor of Big Media

Study proves Google-owned video platform is deliberately burying independent creators

May 21, 2019

Al Jazeera Gets Twitter To Silence Critics Of Its Video Implying Jews Benefited From Holocaust

Twitter agreed to censor the westerners’ translated versions, invoking Al Jazeera’s copyright

May 20, 2019

Advanced civilizations could be communicating with neutrino beams

Neutrinos have a number of advantages as far as beacons are concerned

May 20, 2019

5G Danger: Hundreds Of Respected Scientists Sound The Alarm About Health Effects As 5G Networks Go Up Nationwide

It won’t be too long before you are being bombarded by “ultra high frequency” and “ultra high intensity” cell phone radiation wherever you go