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Image for Shedding light on dark matter: Scientists claim new evidence of ‘5th force’ of physics

Shedding light on dark matter: Scientists claim new evidence of ‘5th force’ of physics

If proven, it would be a “tremendously important” discovery, says researcher

14 hours ago By RT

Image for NASA Working on Finding Practical Mars Landing Sites

NASA Working on Finding Practical Mars Landing Sites

Scientists want astronauts near water

16 hours ago By NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory | Science Daily

Thousands of Mystery Holes Discovered in Pacific Ocean

Seafloor holes described as “nearly circular & fairly evenly spaced"

16 hours ago By Sputnik

Scientists Claim New Evidence of ‘5th Force’ of Physics

Alleged discovery of a subatomic particle sheds light on dark matter

17 hours ago By RT

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Dec 09, 2019

Dec 09, 2019

How planets may form after dust sticks together

Finding may also help improve industrial processes

Dec 09, 2019

5 dead and dozens injured as NZ’s most active volcano erupts on White Island (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Despite being the country’s most active volcano, prone to sudden eruptions, White Island has remained a popular tourist attraction, attracting crowds of eager visitors every day on boat and walking tours

Dec 08, 2019

Suppressing Dissent Guarantees Disorder And Collapse

Regimes that are losing public support always make the same mistake

Dec 06, 2019

Dec 05, 2019

Video: NASA’s Sun-Grazing Parker Probe Finds ‘Rogue Wave’ in Solar Wind

Probe makes extremely close pass through sun’s uppermost atmosphere

Dec 04, 2019

Stellar Vibes: Neutron Star-Quakes ‘Clear Up Mystery’ of Milky Way’s Age

The largest star-quake ever recorded, had a frequency of 94.5 Hertz - a slightly flat F sharp, equivalent to the 22nd key on a piano

Dec 04, 2019

Dec 03, 2019

Astronomers propose a novel method of finding atmospheres on rocky worlds

Exoplanet atmospheres without clouds and hazes are like unicorns, says astronomer

Dec 02, 2019

New Basis for Levitated Transport Found

Engines using high-temperature superconductors

Dec 02, 2019

Mercury transit observed at observatory

Teams will not have another opportunity to attempt this observation until 2032

Nov 29, 2019

Binge Porn Kills Orgasm in Sex With Real-Life Partner, New Study Finds

The researcher has warned about such porn-watching repercussions as depression and erectile dysfunction

Nov 28, 2019

New theory explains how black holes shine bright

The origin of the electromagnetic radiation emitted from the most mysterious objects in the universe

Nov 28, 2019

Scientists discover unpredicted stellar black hole

The discovery came as a big surprise

Nov 27, 2019

Global Storms on Mars Launch Dust Towers Into the Sky

Scientists can't say with certainty what causes global dust storms

Nov 27, 2019

Scientists inch closer than ever to signal from cosmic dawn

An ultra-faint signature of the turning point in cosmic history

Nov 27, 2019

It Begins: Police Are Now Actively Using Robot Dogs

Civil Liberties group warns machines could be weaponized

Nov 26, 2019

Nov 26, 2019

Web Inventor Tim Berners-Lee Teams Up with Facebook, Google, to ‘Fix The Web’

Many of the companies that have backed Berners-Lees’ proposals are notorious for censoring political information

Nov 26, 2019

Facebook Bans All Content On Vaccine Awareness, Including Facts About Vaccine Ingredients

Before long, Facebook won’t even allow any human opinions at all

Nov 25, 2019

Planets around a black hole? Calculations show possibility of bizarre worlds

Around black holes, there might exist planetary systems of astonishing scale, says astronomer

Nov 25, 2019

Probing exoplanet atmospheres could reveal telltale signatures of life

Detecting these so-called biosignatures, compounds that are known to be produced by living organisms, would be strong evidence that worlds may contain life

Nov 22, 2019

What’s Out There in Deep Space?

The interstellar medium is not uniform but rather turbulent

Nov 21, 2019

Nov 21, 2019

NASA Scientists Confirm Water Vapor on Europa

What makes this moon so alluring is the possibility that it may possess all of the ingredients necessary for life

Nov 20, 2019

Ready to risk getting cancer or dementia to set foot on Mars?

Main health concerns on your way to the Red Planet

Nov 20, 2019

Nov 19, 2019

LISTEN: The sound of Earth being lashed by solar storm will haunt your nightmares

Scientists have captured what it sounds like when these charged particles bounce off the magnetosphere

Nov 19, 2019

NASA tracking THREE asteroids headed this way, two spotted just 2 days ago

Once again raising tensions over planetary defense

Nov 19, 2019

Exoplanet axis study boosts hopes of complex life, just not next door

Would Mars be like Earth if it had a Moon like ours?

Nov 19, 2019

Scientists find evidence of missing neutron star

For more than 30 years astronomers have been unable to locate it