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Image for Comedian Says Facebook Is “Coming After Him” In Wake Of #ClintonBodyCount

Comedian Says Facebook Is “Coming After Him” In Wake Of #ClintonBodyCount

"I am a comedian. How can you fact-check a joke?"

14 hours ago By Mac Slavo |

Image for Trove of Prehistoric Diamonds Discovered Near Earth’s Core

Trove of Prehistoric Diamonds Discovered Near Earth’s Core

Cache estimated to be 4.5-billion-years-old

1 day ago By Sputnik

Climate Activist Greta Thunberg Sets Sail for U.S. in Solar-Powered Yacht

“Feel the fear I feel every day.”

3 days ago By Breitbart

New Project Veritas Leaks Prove Google Broke Its Own Search Engine to Censor Conservatives

But there's no bias, honest!

3 days ago By Paul Joseph Watson | INFOWARS.COM

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Aug 13, 2019

Facebook Paid Contractors to Transcribe Users’ Audio Chats

Company claimed it will no longer be transcribing conversations

Aug 13, 2019

Our Galaxy’s Supermassive Black Hole Just Emitted a Strange Bright Flare

Flare so bright astronomer mistook black hole as a star

Aug 13, 2019

Aug 12, 2019

Glitch in neutron star reveals hidden secrets

Stars start to spin faster, hence the "glitch"

Aug 12, 2019

‘Glitch’ in Neutron Star Reveals Hidden Secrets

Breakthrough discovery into Universe's most dense object

Aug 10, 2019

Report: Monsanto Paid Google to Bury Unfavorable News

Monsanto planned to launch a new website full of their talking points and pay to make sure it popped up when people googled journalist Gillam’s name

Aug 09, 2019

Dark matter may be older than the big bang, study suggests

Dark matter may have been produced before the Big Bang

Aug 09, 2019

Hubble Catches Two Galaxies at Play

Interaction with others is a common event in the history of most galaxies

Aug 08, 2019

Aug 08, 2019

NASA Circling DC-8 Jet Around San Andreas Fault Sparks Conspiracy Theories

The plane was spotted flying extremely low to the ground over Altadena and Southern California on July 22

Aug 07, 2019

What are light echoes? Using reflections of light to see even further back in time

Light can be absorbed, reflected, and re-emitted by gas and dust

Aug 07, 2019

Mars Rover Still Exploring Seven Years After Landing

It has traveled a total of 13 miles

Aug 06, 2019

Dead planets can ‘broadcast’ for up to a billion years

What's left of planets that orbit stars which have burnt all of their fuel

Aug 06, 2019

Dead Planets Emit Radio Waves for a Billion Years

Astronomers hunt for exoplanets by tuning in to cores' broadcast

Aug 06, 2019

Facebook shuts down viral ‘Storm Area 51’ event, reigniting UFO hunters’ resolve

Many agreed that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg “is secretly an alien from Area 51 and he doesn’t want us to know.”

Aug 05, 2019

Four new ‘hot Jupiters’ discovered

WASP-178b was even classified as an "ultra-hot Jupiter"

Aug 05, 2019

Security provider drops imageboard 8chan used to distribute El Paso & Christchurch manifestos

“The rationale is simple: they have proven themselves to be lawless and that lawlessness has caused multiple tragic deaths.”

Aug 02, 2019

Shining (star)light on the search for life

To know a planet, study its star

Aug 02, 2019

Hubble Uncovers a ‘Heavy Metal’ Exoplanet Shaped Like a Football

The planet is football shaped due to gravitational tidal forces

Aug 02, 2019

Berkeley Couple Support Their Children Aged 4 & 8 In Decision To ‘Transition’

The family is sharing its story in an attempt to "break the taboo" around trans children

Aug 01, 2019

Jul 31, 2019

Roach-Inspired Robot Can Withstand Weight of a Human

Bot made for search & rescue missions

Jul 31, 2019

ACLU Blames ‘Inaccurate Stereotypes’ For Opposition To Male Athletes In Girls’ Sports

“Equal participation in athletics for transgender people does not mean an end to women’s sports,” the ACLU wrote in a tweet on Tuesday promoting the campaign. “Trans women are WOMEN.”

Jul 30, 2019

Study suggests frozen Earthlike planets could support life

Planets finds some snowball planets might have areas of land near their equators

Jul 30, 2019

Study: ‘Trans Women’ Athletes Hold ‘Intolerable’ Advantage over Biological Females

Results of a new study have ripped through the claims of House Democrats that it is a “myth,” simply “fearmongering”

Jul 29, 2019

Muslims Want ‘Halal’ Flu Vaccine for Their Kids in England, Reject Nationwide Vaccination – Report

Muslim parents are specifically concerned over the Fluenz nasal spray vaccine containing gelatine which is derived from pigs, considered unclean according to Islamic law

Jul 28, 2019

Creepy: Siri ‘Regularly’ Listens In On Your Sexual Encounters, Apple Insists ‘Only For A Few Seconds’

Contractors regularly hear confidential medical information, drug deals, recordings of couples having sex, as part of 'quality control'

Jul 28, 2019

Senate moves bill with up to $15,000 fines for sharing memes online

Have you ever shared a meme that you didn’t make? If Congress has its way you could soon get slapped with a $15,000 fine.

Jul 27, 2019

US Fertility Rates Plunge To ‘All-Time Low,’ CDC Warns

Insurmountable student loans, credit card debt, and auto loans have delayed starting a family for many

Jul 26, 2019

Sen. Warner Warns About ‘Deep Fake Technology’ Corrupting the 2020 Election

Warner was asked about the possibility that hostile nations could change actual vote counts in the next presidential election

Jul 26, 2019

Democrats Denied Transgender Athletes Have Advantages In Women’s Sports. Science Says They’re Wrong

The paper’s findings contradict congressional Democrats’ claim that male athletes who identify as transgender don’t have an inherent advantage over their female competitors

Jul 26, 2019

Women In The United States Are Having Fewer Babies Than Ever Before In History

Right now America is living on borrowed time, and we desperately need to return to the values that this nation was originally founded upon