Scientists are growing Delta Covid variant in a lab to purposely infect humans

They will be paid up to £4,500 for taking part

Image Credits: / Getty Images.

Scientists are currently growing the Delta Covid variant in laboratories with the aim of intentionally infecting volunteers. 

British researchers are developing the samples to use in challenge trials — which see participants paid up to £4,500 for taking part. 

Two trials by Imperial College London and the University of Oxford started in London in March with the goal of developing new vaccines and treatments.

Forty healthy, young volunteers have already been exposed to the original Wuhan strain, under careful supervision.

But the next stage of trials will infect participants with Delta, the more transmissible strain which is now dominant across the UK. 

Dr. Peter R. Breggin of joins The Alex Jones Show to warn the public about the deadly dangers of the COVID-19 vaccine bioweapon.

Challenge-trial partner hVivo and colleagues in the Netherlands have been growing the variant, according to Andrew Catchpole, the company’s chief scientific officer.

Mr Catchpole, a virologist, said the variant — which is being grown from an original human sample — has proven harder to develop than the original Wuhan strain. 

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