Seb Gorka Banned From YouTube Just Days After Advocating For Political Censorship

What a pity!

Image Credits: Military Assistance / Flickr.

Sebastian Gorka had his YouTube channel terminated on Monday night just days after he advocated for Nick Fuentes to be censored for his political views.

From Mediaite:

Sebastian Gorka, the former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump, was banned from YouTube on Monday seemingly over his repeated unauthorized use of Imagine Dragons songs in his livestreams.

Gorka was warned on a number of occasions by both Imagine Dragons lead vocalist Dan Reynolds and Universal Music Group to stop using the tracks.

In August, Reynolds told Gorka, “I’ve never given permission for this use. Please stop playing imagine dragons on your show,” and in October, after Gorka continued to feature the songs on his show America First, Reynolds addressed the situation again, revealing that Universal Music Group had been flagging the videos in violation to YouTube.

What a pity!

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