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U.S. says joint S.Korea war games not on the negotiating table

U.S. says joint S.Korea war games not on the negotiating table
  • North Korea views such exercises as preparations to invade it

7 hours ago By Reuters

Iraqi Kurdistan Gov’t Happy About Expanding Energy Partnership With Russia

Iraqi Kurdistan Gov’t Happy About Expanding Energy Partnership With Russia
  • The autonomous region had always had a good relationship with Russia

12 hours ago By Sputnik

Russia’s Rosatom to build nuclear power plant in China

Far East increasingly independent of American industries

12 hours ago By RT

North Korea Missile Landing Zone Threatens Jet Routes Near Japan

Pyongyang fired 7 missiles along two commercial aircraft flightpaths this year

1 day ago By Bill Gertz | Free Beacon

Aug 16, 2017
‘Bloodiest 24 hours’ of Philippines Drugs War, as 32 Shot Dead by Duterte’s Police
War on drugs has killed over 7,000 people in the last year.

Aug 16, 2017
Iran Supreme Leader Mocks US Over Charlottesville
Tweets picture of himself kissing black baby.

Aug 16, 2017
Muslim No Go Zones Taking Over Europe
Sharia Law suburbs are popping up throughout Europe

Aug 15, 2017
Al Qaeda Publishes Blueprint for Attacks on Key U.S. Transportation Systems
Terror group's top bomb maker outlines plan for attacks in America

Aug 15, 2017
Tillerson: US ‘continues to be interested’ in North Korea talks
Tillerson’s comments come after Kim tabled a plan to fire a salvo of missiles toward Guam.

Aug 15, 2017
Doctors say Kim Jong Un may be on Steroids, Giving Him ‘roid rage’
Widespread speculation 'in the medical community that he has gout, and one of the treatments for gout is steroids.'

Aug 14, 2017
China issues order to implement U.N. sanctions on North Korea
Beijing issued the banning order on Monday

Aug 13, 2017
North Korea factories humming with ‘Made in China’ clothes, traders say
Clothes made in North Korea are labeled "Made in China" and exported across the world

Aug 11, 2017
Guam posts ‘in case of emergency’ fact sheet after North Korea threat
The sheet encourages citizens to prepare before a missile strike

Aug 11, 2017
If They Kill Trump, They’re Coming After All Of Us
The fate of the entire country lies in Trump's hands.

Aug 10, 2017
‘Unexploded WWII bomb’ found at Fukushima Disaster Site
The object was discovered by workers at the plant...

Aug 08, 2017
Venezuela Using Excessive Force, Arrests to Crush Protests: U.N.
Of 124 deaths investigated, at least 46 attributable to security forces and 27 to pro-government arm...

Aug 08, 2017
‘They BURNED our homeland’: Poland Demands €350BILLION from Germany for WW2 War Crimes
Jarosław Kaczyński - Pis Party - has claimed Poland has never been fairly compensated for WWII.

Aug 07, 2017
British Family Shot After Taking Wrong Turn Into Brazilian Slum
Group approached car, told family to get out and then opened fire...

Aug 07, 2017
Australia To Ban Synagogue Because Muslims Are Offended
Fear of Islamic terror kept an Australian synagogue from being built.

Aug 04, 2017
Montreal’s Olympic Stadium Turned into Emergency Asylum Centre as Immigrant Influx Surges
Officials estimate that 1,000 people crossed from the United States into the Canadian province of Qu...

Aug 04, 2017
Erdogan Newspaper: Turkey Could Conquer EU in Three Days
Government-backed newspaper making outlandish threats

Aug 02, 2017

Aug 02, 2017
Just 1% of “Refugees” Are Syrian
The Syrian refugee myth is being used to flood Europe with migrants.

Jul 31, 2017

Jul 29, 2017
Brazil Deploys 8,500 Armed Forces in Rio de Janeiro
Officials say use of Armed Forces may be deployed at any time across Rio, there will be no routine,...

Jul 30, 2017
Putin shows off Russia’s naval might with major parade
Some 50 warships and submarines were on show.

Jul 30, 2017
Venezuelan Officials Killed as Voting Starts
39-year-old lawyer running in election was shot in his home on Saturday.

Jul 31, 2017

Jul 31, 2017
WikiLeaks Drops Thousands Of ‘Verified’ Emails From Macron Campaign
Release comes almost three months after Macron’s campaign was hacked two days before his election.