See For Yourself: Hollywood Stars Become Geopolitical Experts Overnight

Who knew America's top entertainers are so well-versed in Middle Eastern affairs?

Image Credits: natalie-claude | Getty.

Some of America’s top entertainers have suddenly been bestowed with an abundance of knowledge when it comes to diplomacy in the Middle East.

Following President Trump’s drone strike that killed top Iranian General Soleimani, Hollywood liberals took to Twitter to criticize the attack.

Of all people, Meathead is lecturing the country on foreign policy and strategical military decisions!

Meathead, AKA Rob Reiner, says if we don’t impeach Trump Americans will “have to learn Russian or get blown the fuck up.”

Alec Baldwin suggested Trump is trying to distract the country from impeachment.

Author Stephen King mocked Trump for allegedly being “too chickenshit to go to Vietnam.”

Mark Hamill, the actor who played Star Wars’ Luke Skywalker, called Trump’s decision “pathetic.”

Vocal Trump-hater Rosie O’Donnell called Trump a “traitor” and said, “remove this idiot!”

Star Trek actor George Takei said, “The president is a madman whose reckless actions are going to lead to violence, bloodshed and war if unchecked.”

If a war with Iran does commence, perhaps Trump should seek the advice of the multitude of experts walking down Sunset Boulevard.

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