Sen. Tom Cotton on Biden Admin Holding Off On Lockdowns: ‘Don’t Trust Them’

“A promise from Joe Biden is worthless," says Arkansas senator.

Image Credits: Demetrius Freeman-Pool/Getty Images.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton (Ark.) warned Americans not to take Joe Biden at his word when he said he won’t impose lockdowns over the emerging “Omicron” COVID variant.

“Just like he and others repeatedly promised they wouldn’t enact a vaccine mandate,” Cotton noted on Monday, showing a story of Biden ruling out lockdowns.

“Don’t trust them. A promise from Joe Biden is worthless,” added the Arkansas senator.

Biden and others in his Cabinet had indeed promised they wouldn’t try to impose vaccine mandates, correctly citing their lack of constitutional authority to do so.

Biden said in a Monday press conference that he wouldn’t impose nationwide lockdowns “for now” as long as everybody gets the COVID injection and the booster shot.

Why should Americans suddenly trust him now?

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