Sheriff Rips Elizabeth Warren For Demanding Release of Illegals Due to Coronavirus

Dems pushing for nationwide jailbreak during crisis

Image Credits: AMANDA SABGA/AFP via Getty Images.

A Massachusetts sheriff has slammed Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) for allegedly pressuring him to facilitate the release of illegal alien detainees in his custody.

In a recent letter, Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson unloaded on the failed presidential candidate over her disparaging rhetoric about police and accusations regarding Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) protocols.

“As someone who has used their legislative position to demonize Sheriffs and our federal partners for enforcing our national immigration laws, and who consistently advocates for criminal illegal aliens, I find it outrageous that you would be writing a lengthy letter suggesting I encourage Immigration and Customs Enforcement to release detainees,” Sheriff Hodgson wrote.

“Your record of placing more credibility with lawbreakers rather than those who enforce the laws created by Congress makes clear where your interests truly lie.”

Hodgson asserts Warren cited supposed “alarming” conditions in the Bristol County ICE detention facility as justification for an effective jailbreak, and also suggested officials from ICE and his office would “intentionally not test for COVID-19 to avoid turning up positive results.”

“Such a suggestion is shameful and unbecoming of a member of the United States Congress,” Hodgson wrote.

“The seriousness of this pandemic has no place for private agendas attempting to influence public policy,” Hodgson asserted. “Particularly, when such uninformed interference raises the risks of harm to those we are dedicated to protect.”

“I have no intentions of encouraging ICE to release detainees and strongly suggest, based on your lack of information, that you do not either.”

A federal judge subsequently intervened and ordered 45 detainees freed from the Bristol County Jail – and releases are set to continue on a ‘rolling basis.’

Hodgson said most of the detainees he was ordered to release had criminal histories and were awaiting deportation – however, virtually no restrictions were placed on their movement and no monitoring protocols were established.

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