Shock: Man Brutally Beats Elderly Asian Women With Brick

Suspect bashed Baltimore shopkeepers during vicious attack

Image Credits: Video Screenshot / Baltimore Police.

Police have arrested a man suspected of viciously attacking two Asian women at a shop in Baltimore this week.

The incident unfolded on Sunday night at a liquor store in West Baltimore as the pair, aged 66 and 67, were preparing to close for the night.

Surveillance footage appears to show the suspect, 50-year-old Daryl Doles, force his way into the business as one of the victims attempts to close the door.

They both crash to the floor before the suspect pins the woman down and proceeds to bash her in the head and face with a piece of cement block.

The other woman manages to push the suspect towards the door, but he delivers another round of blows to both of the women’s heads during a continued melee, as he drags one of them around by her hair.

Shockingly, a male customer present at the beginning of the attack immediately exited the shop after witnessing it unfold.

“On May 2nd 2021, my mom and aunt were viciously attacked by a random man wielding a cement block while they were trying to close up shop,” wrote one of the victim’s sons alongside video footage shared to YouTube. “They both tried to fight him off, but were unfortunately overpowered.”

“My aunt got the worse of the attack with over 25 stitches on her head and black eyes. But we are relieved that both of their CT scans came back good and were discharged hours later.”

Doles was arrested nearby and charged with multiple counts of aggravated assault.

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