Shock Poll: 20% Don’t Know Who’s Running The Country!

Infowars Poll highlights that many people in America still don't know who actually runs America after election fraud fiasco

Image Credits: MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images.

An Infowars public poll has revealed that nearly 20% of respondents are not sure who is the real President of the United States.

Of the over 24,000 who were asked on the Infowars website who they believe is the real president, an astonishing 20% answered “I don’t know.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, 64% of Infowars readers believe Donald Trump is still the rightful U.S. president.

9% believe Kamala Harris is actually the president, with Biden dead last at 6%.

The poll is a damning indictment against the integrity of the 2020 presidential election, which the mainstream media and Democrats insisted was conducted fairly despite numerous state legislature hearings laying out mountains of election and ballot fraud evidence.

How much of the rest of the country isn’t sure who is the real Commander-in-Chief?

This is why the Supreme Court should have heard the Texas and Pennsylvania fraud lawsuits; to instill a sense of confidence in the voters.

Joe Biden was spotted doing the bare minimum at his job once again in a brief press conference to the public.