Shock Study: Climate Skeptics More Eco Friendly Than Climate Alarmists

Environmental lifestyle choices included recycling, buying 'green' products, using public transportation, reusable shopping bags

Image Credits: Alban Grosdidier/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images.

Americans who are skeptical about climate change engage in personal behavior that is more friendly to the environment than climate alarmists, who support increased government regulation, a new study has found.

Michael Hall, a psychologist from the University of Michigan, led a team of researchers in a yearlong longitudinal study of 600 Americans who “regularly reported their climate change beliefs, pro-environmental behavior, and other climate-change related measures” and published the results of their study in The Journal of Environmental Psychology.

The researchers grouped their subjects into three categories based on their attitude toward climate change: the “skeptical,” the “cautiously worried,” and the “highly concerned” and correlated their beliefs with their personal lifestyle choices.

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