Shock Video: Amazon Driver Robbed at Gunpoint by Prolific Felons in Florida

Pair of suspects have 85 combined felony charges

Image Credits: Screenshot / Orange County Sheriff's Office.

An Amazon delivery driver was robbed at gunpoint in Florida this month by two men who have a combined 85 felonies, according to reports.

The harrowing incident unfolded on January 13 near Orlando in Orange County.

The victim told police he had just completed a delivery and noticed a black male standing near his truck, Fox 35 reports.

When the worker entered the vehicle, the suspect charged in after him pointing a gun at the victim’s back and then his head, as surveillance footage shows.

The suspect held the gun to the victim’s neck as he handed over valuables.

Another suspect can be seen poking his head in the driver’s door during the robbery.

“Terrifying video shows 2 brazen criminals robbing a delivery person on 1/13. He was not hurt,” Orange County Sheriff’s Office explained on social media.

“They’ve been arrested, thanks to our criminal analysts & robbery detectives. With 85 felony charges & 11 convictions in their history, we hope they stay locked up.”

The suspects made off with 10 packages and the driver’s wallet and cell phone.

Investigators used the Find My iPhone app to trace the stolen phone to the address of 22-year-old Arkimase Divinard.

Divinard and his alleged accomplice, Joel Aime, 23, were both arrested and charged with robbery with a firearm.

“Divinard was most recently sentenced to three years in prison for carjacking without a firearm/deadly weapon. He was released in November 2022. His prior convictions include battery on a person above the age of 65 and robbery without a deadly weapon,” Fox News reports, citing jail records.

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