Shock Video: Boatload of Haitian Illegals Lands in Florida Keys

More than 100 mostly-male illegal aliens swim ashore after sailboat reaches Key Largo

Image Credits: Screenshot / Twitter.

More than 100 mostly-male illegal aliens from Haiti swam ashore after their sailboat reached the Florida Keys this week, according to authorities.

The shocking incident unfolded on Thursday morning in Tavernier, a community on Key Largo.

The rustic vessel came within feet of private docks before passengers began piling out and wading to land.

Video footage shot by a witness was published on social media by Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

“On Tuesday night Biden bragged about how his new border plan announced last month has already cut migration from Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua & Venezuela ‘by 97%,’” Sen. Rubio wrote on Twitter.

“But here is a video sent to me of over 100 migrants arriving this morning in the Florida Keys.”

Miami Sector’s Chief Border Patrol Agent Walter N. Slosar released updates and additional videos on social media.

“114 migrants from Haiti will be transferred to a local Border Patrol Station where they will be processed,” Agent Slosar announced.

“CBP medical personnel will conduct medical screenings on each of the individuals. We appreciate the support from all of the responding agencies & local residents.”

Infowars has reported regularly on the surge of illegal migration in the Florida Keys.

Well over 8,000 illegal migrants have been interdicted in Florida waters since August.

Last month, Governor Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency due to the the number of illegal aliens reaching his state by sea.

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