SHOCK VIDEO: Canadian Church Attacked By Police, Pastor Arrested Under COVID Tyranny

Watch the moment a SWAT team arrests Alberta pastor Artur Pawlowski in the middle of a highway after holding a church service.

Image Credits: screenshot/Rebel News.

Dystopian footage out of Canada shows a SWAT team arrest pastor Artur Pawlowski, who’s been holding church services in defiance of the country’s strict COVID lockdown measures.

Several police vehicles surrounded Pawlowski after he finished a service on Saturday, ordered him out of his car and made him kneel down on a busy highway to arrest him.

Pawlowski is then seen being carried off by his restrained arms and legs.

The anti-lockdown pastor left a voice message in the event he was arrested for exercising his right to worship.

“Hello friends, this is pastor Artur Pawlowksi. If you’re watching this video, it means they have successfully arrested me and I am in jail,” he said, then asking for support for his legal battle ahead.

Pawlowski gained international attention for bravely standing up to police trying to shut down his church service numerous times in recent months, including on Easter Sunday.

Rebel News covered the shocking arrest on social media and included a crowdfunding link for Pawlowski.

“A pastor in Alberta, for the second time, has been arrested simply for preaching. This is is stuff you see in Communist China. Now it’s happened twice in Alberta,” reporter Adam Soos said.

Last month, Pawlowski joined The Alex Jones Show to declare war on tyrants who violate the people’s right to worship.

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Stew Peters guest hosts The Alex Jones Show to expose the out-of-control medical tyranny with guest Pastor Artur Pawlowski.