Shock Video: Crash on Chicago Highway Turns Into Armed Carjacking

Shocking crime spree caught on camera in lawless Windy City

Image Credits: Screenshots / YouTube / Live Action.

An armed suspect involved in a crash on a Chicago highway then carjacked another driver at gunpoint minutes later, according to reports.

Videos of the shocking string of events were posted on social media over the weekend, although it is unclear exactly when the crime spree took place.

A witness shared nearly four minutes of footage shot from inside a car on the Dan Ryan Expressway in the Windy City.

Three people can be seen exiting a badly-damaged sedan that had apparently just been involved in an accident on the highway.

“They’re running away,” the cameraman says.

He continues to drive near the fleeing trio as they jog along the guardrail.

Suddenly, a suspect wearing a ski mask appears to brandish a firearm with a high-capacity magazine.

“This dude’s trying to f**king hijack somebody,” the witness exclaims. “He’s got a f**king rifle on him.”

The armed suspect then flashes a wad of cash at the cameraman and appears to offer $500 in exchange for a getaway lift.

Moments later, the masked suspects steps in front of a red SUV and forces the driver out of the vehicle.

“Drive off, man!” the camerman yells.

The armed suspect takes the wheel of the stolen vehicle as one of his accomplices appears to run up and jump into the passenger seat before they speed off.

“The car they abandoned was no doubt stolen as well. This is what these clowns do. Once they crash one car, they just steal another,” one YouTube user speculated.

It is unclear if any of the suspects have been identified or arrested at this time.

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