Shock Video: Driver Beaten, Robbed After Crash in Skid Row

Mob drags driver out of vehicle after multiple wrecks in LA neighborhood

Image Credits: Screenshot / Twitter / Street People of Los Angeles.

The driver of a car that crashed in the infamous Skid Row neighborhood of Los Angeles was subsequently beaten and robbed by ‘residents,’ according to reports.

While it is unclear when the shocking incident unfolded, footage was shared on Twitter on Tuesday by the user “Street People of Los Angeles” (SPLA).

The account primarily documents the decline of the “3rd world city of Los Angeles,” frequently posting disturbing videos and images of violence, vagrancy, and criminality in the City of Angels.

“Car crash in Skid Row Los Angeles. The residents surround the car and start to loot it. Driver attempts to flee and crashes into another car. Residents pull him out of the car, beat and rob him,” SPLA wrote alongside the video.

In the footage, a red Ford Mustang convertible can be seen in the moments after an apparent wreck as a group of males pull items from the trunk and passenger compartment of the vehicle.

Moments later, the driver reverses and speeds forward in an attempt to flee, but runs into a sedan in the middle of the road and again comes to a stop.

Men can be seen swarming the car, dragging the driver out onto the street, and proceeding to rob him.

One man can be seen kicking the driver in the head as he lays on the ground.

It is unclear what became of the driver or if any arrests have been made.

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