Shock Video: Driver Chases Children Around Schoolyard

Four children 'clipped' by van during rampage at Las Vegas middle school, police say

Image Credits: Screenshots / Twitter.

A woman has been arrested after she allegedly attempted to “mow down children with her minivan” at a Las Vegas middle school last week, according to reports.

Jaquitta Madison, 36, reportedly faces six counts of battery with a deadly weapon following the shocking incident, which unfolded at Silverstri Junior High School on Friday afternoon.

Madison got into an altercation with a student in the parking lot of the school before jumping in a van and driving it erratically off-road through a crowd of fleeing kids, police say.

“The saddest part was her son was in the front seat, saying, ‘Go mom! Go get him! My mom’s going to run you over. You better move,’” a witness told the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “She was literally doing doughnuts trying to hit these kids.”

Four children were ‘clipped’ by the vehicle, but none were seriously injured, according to authorities.

Footage of the melee was shared on social media.

Madison has an extensive record of traffic-related violations in California, Fox 5 reports.

On Tuesday, a judge reportedly granted Madison $20,000 bail with electronic monitoring and ordered her to stay away from the middle school.

Her next court date has been set for January 11, 2022.

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