Shock Video: Gunfire Erupts at High School Basketball Game in Oklahoma

One person shot during fight at gym packed with children, families

Image Credits: Screenshot / Twitter / @HeavenlyGifted.

A basketball gymnasium was rocked by gunfire as one person was shot during a post-game fight at a high school in Oklahoma this week, according to reports.

The shocking incident unfolded on Tuesday night in Del City, located in the Oklahoma City metro region.

Broadcasters were delivering post-game commentary following a match between Del City High School and Millwood High School when shots rang out inside the facility.

Video footage of the harrowing scene has been circulating on social media.

Young children can be seen playing on the court as spectators and families make preparations to leave the building.

Suddenly, a firearm is discharged multiple times, prompting terrified bystanders to dive for cover.

A live broadcast is interrupted as announcers scramble for shelter under their table.

“After the completion of the boys basketball game against Millwood High School, a fight occurred and gunshots were fired inside the field house. The Del City Police Department is onsite and investigating the incident,” Del City Principal Steve Gilliland explained in a statement.

Local police later confirmed one person had been shot and taken to hospital.

Del City High School declared Wednesday a “remote learning” day and classes were held online.

An investigation is ongoing.

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