Shock Video: Jewelry Store Employees Fight Off Armed Smash-and-Grab Thieves

Gang of hammer-wielding robbers thwarted by valiant staff in Huntington Beach

Image Credits: Screenshot / Princess Bride Diamonds.

An armed robbery was thwarted when employees of a jewelry store in Southern California fought back against hammer-wielding thieves this week, according to reports.

The harrowing incident unfolded at around noon on Sunday in Huntington Beach.

Staffers at Princess Bride Diamonds in the Bella Terra shopping center were going about their tasks when a gang of thugs stormed the shop and began smashing display cases.

Multiple workers immediately sprang into action to defend the business and high-value property in a battle captured by surveillance cameras.

At least four masked thieves can be seen entering as a lone customer flees.

One suspect can be seen breaking a glass case with a hammer before another reaches inside to grab merchandise.

A man identified as Dallas Baca, whose family owns the store, can be seen sprinting to the entrance and landing several spectacular blows, ultimately knocking one suspect to the ground.

A female employee can be seen kicking the fallen thief repeatedly.

A third worker, identified as co-owner Sarah Baca, runs into the fray carrying a heavy stool as a weapon.

The thugs all fled the scene and may still be on the loose, according to the latest available updates.

“This is our family business we wanted to protect,” Sarah Baca told local media. “We feel very strongly about … protecting what’s ours.”

“I was just looking for something heavy that I could use to help (them) the best I could with, and something that could deter them from continuing to fight us further,” she explained. “My brother ended up intercepting one of them, and actually clocked one of them in the face.”

Dallas Baca was apparently struck in the head with a hammer but did not suffer serious injuries.

Approximately $7,700 worth of merchandise was reported stolen during the heist.

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