Shock Video: ‘Juvenile’ Puts Gun to Commuter’s Head in Philly Subway

"Gangs of juveniles have taken over the SUBWAYS and are carrying guns."

Image Credits: Screenshots / Twitter.

A man waiting for a train in the Philadelphia subway found himself with a gun to his head when he was confronted by an armed ‘juvenile,’ according to reports.

Shocking video footage originally posted on Instagram by someone allegedly involved in the incident has since been shared on other social media sites.


A white male can be seen sitting on a duffel bag with his back against the wall on a SEPTA subway platform.

A black male standing near the man pulls out a pistol, points it at the man, and then moves closer to press it against his skull.

The victim can be heard calmly saying, “Nah, man. C’mon man.”

Voices presumably belonging to the armed perpetrator and an associate filming the encounter can be heard cackling with apparent glee.

“The gunman posted this video to Instagram,” Twitter user PhillyCrimeUpdate wrote on Monday.

“He has no fear of arrest or prosecution. The disturbing part is that they think putting innocent people in fear for their lives is HILARIOUS.”

The video was shared by an Instagram account that is currently private, but a copy was later uploaded to the Reddit forum Phillyscoreboard, where users voiced their disgust with the stunt, as well as the explosive crime wave wracking the City of Brotherly Love.

Multiple Twitter accounts that highlight criminality in Philadelphia also posted the video.

“This just happened on a SEPTA Platform,” the account SEPTA FAIL wrote.

“Gangs of juveniles have taken over the SUBWAYS and are carrying guns. One of them shot up a train full of passengers at Tioga Station last night.”

It is unclear if authorities are investigating the incident at this time.

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