Shock Video: Mob Beats Man Unconscious, Batters Him With Chair on NYC Sidewalk

Victim ambushed, robbed by around 10 attackers in Brooklyn

Image Credits: Screenshot / NYPD.

A 33-year-old man was brutally beaten by a large group of suspects who bashed him with a chair and picked his pockets on a New York City sidewalk, according to reports.

The disturbing incident unfolded at around 4:20 a.m. on December 11 on Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn.

Surveillance footage released by the NYPD shows the victim being knocked to the ground as a mob of around 10 assailants attack him from all angles.

The man is savagely punched and kicked, and at one point a suspect can be seen repeatedly stomping on his head.

As the battered man lays motionless, one suspect picks up a chair and smashes him over the head multiple times.

At the end of the barbaric attack, some of the suspects can be seen rifling through the victims pockets before walking off.

“Police said the victim was knocked out during the attack. He also suffered cuts to his head and face,” the New York Post reports.

“The suspects snatched some of the man’s belongings before fleeing, cops said.”

He was transported to Coney Island Hospital and treated for his wounds.

NYPD is requesting anyone with helpful information to contact them immediately.

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