Shock Video: Pizzeria Owner Brutally Attacked During Restaurant Brawl

Single father of two knocked unconscious, stomped by violent patron

Image Credits: Video Screenshot.

A pizzeria owner is recovering after being knocked unconscious and savagely beaten during a brawl in his North Carolina restaurant earlier this month, according to reports.

The disturbing incident unfolded at around 2:30 a.m. on December 5 at Brother’s Pizzeria in Winston-Salem.

Mike Scotto di Frego says patrons began fighting in his eatery and when he tried to intervene, he was brutally assaulted.

Surveillance footage shows a group of people rushing past tables towards a confrontation inside the pizzeria.

Scotto di Frego appears to be lobbying for calm when a man pushes him into a table.

Suddenly, another male sucker punches Scotto di Frego in the head and proceeds to stomp his body as he lays unconscious on a bench seat.

“There were two different patrons with tables in there and somehow an argument started and then, from the argument, a fight began, and then the business owner tried to break things up and he was assaulted,” Winston-Salem Police Sgt. Kevin Bowers told local media.

Shortly after the attack, Scotto di Frego announced Brother’s will no longer be open past midnight.

“Still trying to get the story all together but I was breaking up a fight between two girls and three guys got involved and I got jump and stomped out til I was unconscious, I have 2 boys I’m a single dad I don’t need this in my life,” Scotto di Frego wrote on Facebook.

Other local business owners told Fox 8 they have been forced to scale back late-night hours due to security risks and increased crime.

“We just can’t do this anymore,” said Brandon Ward, manager of Jake’s Pub and Billiards in nearby Greensboro. “There was just a shift of how people were acting late night.”

“It’s two hours every single day, that does add up but to have that, I guess to know you’re safe when you go home is kind of worth it.”

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