Shock Video: Scooter Rider Robbed by Violent Thieves Outside NYC Bodega

Victim beaten in latest "unprovoked" attack at a Big Apple bodega

Image Credits: Screenshots / NYPD.

Violent thieves attacked a man and stole his scooter outside a bodega in New York City this week, according to reports.

The “unprovoked” attack unfolded at around 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday in the Astoria neighborhood of Queens.

In surveillance footage released by NYPD, a 23-year-old male can be seen reversing his scooter on a sidewalk outside a convenience shop when a suspect runs up and rips him off the bike, causing his helmet to fly off.

Two more suspects join in to punch and kick the victim as he lies stunned on the ground.

One of the suspects strikes the victim in the head with a bottle.

The initial attacker then rights the scooters, hops on, and speeds away.

“The victim was treated at the nearby Mount Sinai Hospital for cuts to his head,” the New York Post reports.

NYPD is seeking three male suspects all believed to be in their late teens or early 20s.

The attack is merely one of the latest to take place at a bodega amid a massive crime surge in the Big Apple.

Earlier this month, a store clerk was pushed to defend himself with deadly force when he was assaulted by multiple people at a bodega in Manhattan.

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