Shock Video: Suspect Crashes Fleeing NYPD in Brazen Carjacking

Suspect escapes after 'demolition derby' in Midtown Manhattan

Image Credits: screenshot.

A violent carjacking and ensuing ‘demolition derby’ were caught on video in New York City this week.

The shocking incident unfolded at around 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday in Midtown Manhattan.

The driver of an Audi SUV was accosted by a male suspect wielding a stun gun near the intersection of West 54th Street and Broadway, authorities say.

After the suspect took control of the Audi, he tried to escape by driving the wrong way down the busy street, ultimately slamming head-on into another vehicle.

Footage from the scene appears to show an NYPD officer attempting to detain the suspect at gunpoint following the crash, but he manages to push the other car out of the way and speed onward.

The suspect proceeded to crash into more vehicles for another three blocks before slamming into a pole.

He fled the scene on foot, disappearing into Columbus Circle subway station.

The suspect was still on the loose as of the most current available updates.

Another carjacking transpired nearby at around the same time as a woman reported being robbed and removed from her vehicle by a man brandishing a box cutter.

“We have a tremendous rise in carjackings. A four-year rise from 112 carjackings in 2018, to where we stand today, at the end of 2021 — 510 carjackings,” NYPD Deputy Inspector Nicholas Fiore told NBC New York.

“Something like we’ve never seen before. It’s an epidemic that’s happening. It’s a dangerous, dangerous crime to the public. They’re taking cars with all weapons: gunpoint, knives, Tasers, as you saw yesterday. And they’re driving these cars recklessly, without regard for human life.”

It’s official: America is now in a civil war.

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