Shock Video: ‘Teen’ Sets Woman’s Hair Ablaze on San Fran Bus

Police seeking "black male in his teens" suspected of setting woman on fire

Image Credits: SFPD.

Police in San Francisco are searching for a ‘teen’ suspected of setting an unsuspecting woman’s hair on fire aboard a public bus last month.

On Wednesday, SFPD released surveillance footage of the shocking incident, which unfolded on May 2.

In the video, a suspect described as a “black male in his teens” can be seen striking a lighter near the back of the victim’s head.

“On May 2, 2021 at approximately 2:25 PM, San Francisco Police officers from Tenderloin Police Station responded to McAllister and Leavenworth Streets regarding an incident on board a # 5 Fulton Street Muni bus,” SFPD explained in a statement. “Upon arrival, officers met the bus operator who told them that a passenger’s hair had been set on fire by an unidentified suspect.”

“The suspect and two acquaintances (persons of interest) exited the bus and were last seen fleeing eastbound on McAllister Street. Other passengers assisted the victim who then left the scene prior to police arrival.”

The victim, described as a “female of Filipino or Latin descent, between 50 and 60 years of age,” had already left the scene by the time officers arrived.

Authorities are seeking the woman in hopes of obtaining further information to add to the crime report.

“We have not made any arrests,” said SFPD spokesman Adam Lobsinger. “We are still looking for the suspects. Without the victim, when we catch the suspects, it’s harder to do anything.”

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