Shock Video: Thug Kicks Woman Down Escalator in NYC

Male suspect on loose after brutal attack

Image Credits: NYPD.

A woman is recovering from injuries sustained after being kicked down an escalator by a male suspect in New York City last week, according to reports.

The incident unfolded at around 7:15 p.m. on Thursday evening at the Atlantic Ave-Barclays Center station in Brooklyn.

In surveillance footage released by local authorities, a 32-year-old woman can be seen holding a bag while riding up an escalator towards the street level.

The male suspect pushes past the victim but can be seen turning around to confront her after she told him he should have said, “Excuse me.”

“I did,” the suspect reportedly replied before kicking the woman viciously in the chest, sending her flying backwards.

A bystander riding behind the victim can be seen stepping out of the way as the woman tumbles past her to the floor below.

“‘Say excuse me, that’s the New York way,’ and that was it,” the victim told ABC 7. “And then out of nowhere, he felt the need to have to kick me down the stairs. You know, as if I had the audacity to address him and tell him and say, ‘Excuse me,’ at that moment. He felt like he just had to kick me down.”

She suffered bruises and cuts on various body parts but reportedly refused medical attention at the scene.

The suspect was still on the loose as of the latest available information.

The victim says she’s afraid knowing he is at large.

“Seeing him and also his physical stature, you know, he looks pretty dangerous. And just being around someone that looks like that makes me feel vulnerable,” she said.

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