Shock Video: White Woman Viciously Beaten By Mob of Black Teens Amid Chicago Riots

Meanwhile, Chicago's new Mayor Brandon Johnson defended the rioters, claiming it "wasn't constructive" to "demonize" them.

Image Credits: twitter screenshot/CWB Chicago.

Outrageous footage from the chaotic Chicago riots on Saturday shows a mob of black teens swarming and beating a white woman on the street.

Video going viral on social media shows the moment a couple dozen teens surrounded a terrified woman before viciously attacking her.

Daily Wire contributor Matt Walsh noted, “You absolutely never see videos like this with the races reversed. Never. Doesn’t exist. At some point we need to discuss why this kind of violence literally always goes one way.”

The destructive riots were widespread across downtown Chicago as the huge mob torched cars, attacked drivers, and shot each other.

From CWB Chicago:

Saturday’s crowd, which formed after invitations to attend circulated on social media, began to go out of control around 7:30 p.m. as police said about 200 young people were fighting and jumping on cars near the intersection of Washington and Wabash.

Chicago police made several arrests throughout the incident, but the exact number of people taken into custody is not known. According to CPD radio transmissions, officers were taking detained persons to the Wentworth (2nd) District because the local district’s station could not handle them. (Update: On Sunday afternoon, Chicago police said 9 adults and 6 juveniles were arrested.)

The new radical left Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson criticized the outcry against the wanton lawlessness, saying it “wasn’t constructive” to “demonize” the rioters.

Meanwhile, mainstream media outlets like WGN-TV referred to the violent mob of rioters as simply a “large group” making “disturbances.”