Shock Video: Woman Beaten, Thrown Off Bus by Mob of ‘Juveniles’

Older woman brutally attacked after asking rowdy youths to curb foul language

Image Credits: Screenshots / Twitter.

An older woman was brutally assaulted and thrown off a bus by a group of ‘juveniles’ in Washington D.C., according to reports.

The disturbing incident unfolded aboard a Metrobus in the nation’s capital.

The female victim, identified as Kyla Thurston, had just surrendered her seat to a family with small children and asked some nearby youths to stop using foul language when chaos broke out, witnesses say.

“Concerned for her own safety, the parent who recorded the latter end of this incident asked us not to include her name,” Fox 5 reports.

“She said people threw bottles at the woman, shoved her, and some even put hands on her neck, choking her as they pushed her off the bus.”

Footage of the mob attack was shared on social media.


Male and female assailants can be seen grabbing and hitting the helpless woman as others egg them on and shout at the victim.

“At that point, the kids became unruly. They started being disrespectful, like saying things to me,” Thurston told Fox 5. “Then next thing you know, there were objects being throw at me, and I was just like, ‘Thank you, Lord,’ because throughout the whole incident the only thing I could recall was the kids hitting me and kicking me – and I had no defense.”

“The bus driver made no attempt to stop the bus. He didn’t alert local authorities or anything to my defense. Even after I’m yelling at the top of my lungs, ‘Stop the bus – let me off the bus,’ the bus driver never stopped.”

When the bus did stop, the mob threw Thurston out of the bus and left her lying on the sidewalk.

Metro Police is currently investigating the incident, but it is unclear if any suspects have been identified or arrested at this time.

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