Shock Videos: Brutal Executions on Streets of Philadelphia

"The citizens of Philadelphia and this country need to see the horror we all face now."

Image Credits: Screenshot / Twitter.

Videos of cold-blooded murders in Philadelphia are surfacing on social media as the city falls deeper into the grips of a violent crime wave.

The City of Brotherly Love recently reached a grim milestone as more than 1,000 homicides were recorded in the span of just 20 months.

Mark Fusetti, Retired Sergeant of the Philadelphia Warrant Unit, has posted surveillance footage of multiple fatal shootings in an apparent effort to expose the barbarity of killings taking place across the city.

“I want to make it clear these videos we are releasing are NOT for views or a viral moment,” Fusetti wrote on Monday.

“The citizens of Philadelphia and this country need to see the horror We all face now. Until we the people stand up and demand change this will never end! Let’s come together for once.”


In the video above, two men can be seen pointing pistols at a male victim lying on the sidewalk.

Both men discharge many rounds before one walks up and appears to shoot the helpless man multiple times in the head.

“I had a person who knows the victim and has given me updates. They know why we’re doing this. And as horrible as it is they understand. Btw the killers are still out there,” Fusetti explained in response to another Twitter user.

Another video posted by Fusetti shows a male victim climbing onto a moped parked on a Phildelphia street earlier this month.

Suddenly, a car drives by and muzzle flashes can be seen.

The moped rider falls to the ground, apparently wounded, as another vehicle pulls up and more firearms are discharged.

Shockingly, multiple bystanders then approach the victim, rifle through his pockets, and run away, leaving him to die.

Infowars has been reporting on the surge of crime in Philadelphia and other major U.S. cities.

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