Shooting at Amazon Warehouse Leaves One Dead, One Wounded

Second deadly shooting at Florida facility in three months

Image Credits: (Photo by Paul Hennessy/NurPhoto via Getty Images.

A woman is dead and a man wounded following a shooting at an Amazon fulfillment center in Jacksonville, Florida, authorities say.

Police are calling the fatal shooting a “domestic incident” involving two people who are believed to have been Amazon employees.

Jacksonville Sheriff’s deputies arrived to the facility at around 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday night and discovered a 22-year-old black female and an injured black male, both suffering from gunshot wounds.

The woman was declared dead at the scene, and the man was transported to a hospital in unknown condition.

“This does not appear to be any type of active shooter incident. This does not appear to be any type of workplace violence,” Lt. J.D. Stronko told local media. “As you would expect in a facility of this size and operation, there were multiple witnesses to this incident.”

A weapon was recovered at the scene, but the circumstances under which it was brought into the facility are unclear.

“I can’t speak to Amazon security protocol. Those are things we will look at as part of our investigation,” Stronko said.

It is also unknown who is responsible for discharging the firearm.

Another deadly shooting took place at the same fulfillment center on June 29 when two suspects opened fire outside the building, killing a 20-year-old man waiting to apply for a job and grazing two other bystanders.

Police have reportedly been called to the facility at least 182 times so far this year.

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