Sick: Child Watches Man In Drag Flash His Crotch At Groomer Brunch As Vulgar Song Blares

The background song goes, 'My p*ssy good, p*ssy sweet, p*ssy good enough to eat...f*ck me all night p*ssy.'

Image Credits: sara gonzales twitter.

BlazeTV host Sara Gonzales captured disturbing footage at a Plano, Texas drag brunch show this weekend as a grown man dressed like a woman twerked and flashed his underwear while singing a song about his “pussy.”

Gonzales described the event as an “all-ages drag brunch,” and in the video, a very young girl can be seen closely watching the man’s provocative performance as he collects dollar bills from other guests like a stripper.

“My p*ssy good, p*ssy sweet, p*ssy good enough to eat…f*ck me all night p*ssy,” were the lyrics blasting throughout the building as the drag performer bounced up and down wearing cat ears.

The restaurant hosting the event, Ebb & Flow Legacy, and the group behind the drag show,, advertised the drag brunch without an age limit and kids were clearly allowed to attend.

The link used to purchase tickets also includes “justthetip” in the URL.

The people attending these events are willing to pay large amounts of money as well, with some tickets running as much as $200!

The restaurant advertised on Monday they’ll be hosting the drag shows every 3rd Saturday of the month going forward.

This is a prime example of the left’s “grooming” conservatives have been complaining about for years now.

These blatantly sexual events should be restricted to individuals 18 years old and up.