"Skinhead Cop" – School Board Official Pulls Race Card During Traffic Stop

SJW bureaucrat accuses police of hurting black people

Image Credits: Screenshot.

Calls are mounting for a New Jersey school board official to step down after video surfaced of her berating a police officer during a traffic stop in which she accused his superior of being a “skinhead cop.”

Stephanie Lawson-Muhammad is a member of the South Orange-Maplewood School Board – and also the anti-Trump #Resistance, according to photos posted to social media.

Police dash camera footage released from an April 27 incident depicts Lawson-Muhammad growing increasingly agitated and verbally abusive during an otherwise routine, professional interaction with a uniformed officer after she was allegedly speeding through a neighborhood near a school.

The officer assures Lawson-Muhammad that he will work to have her on her way as quickly as possible, while she can be heard becoming hysterically emotional.

“I’m scared of cops because you hurt black people,” she says, in the presence of her child, who is later dismissed to continue walking to school.

“Ma’am do you want me to call you an ambulance?” the officer offers.

“No, I don’t want you to call me an ambulance, that’s an insult,” Lawson-Muhammad snaps back.

“Okay, I’m just wondering,” the officers responds. “You look like you might be having a panic attack or some anxiety.”

“That was a f**king insult,” Lawson-Muhammad continues.

Lawson-Muhammad could not present a valid insurance card to the officer, for which he issued a summons, as well as a speeding violation.

“Now you want me to go to court?” she asks. “I don’t want to go to court.”

“I’m going to call Sheena and your skinhead cop, chief, too.”

The head of a local black parents organization has formally called for Lawson-Muhammad’s resignation in a stern letter to the Board of Education, in which he also asserts that the president of the school board, Elizabeth Baker, should step down, as well, if it is discovered that she had prior knowledge of the incident and did not properly investigate or advise the public.

“Knowing that Ms. Lawson-Muhammad identified herself as a Board Member during this traffic stop, were notified by the South Orange Village Trustees of the gravity of this incident, and you failed to take steps to address this matter is a serious ethical breach; as a Board president and as an attorney,” wrote Walter Fields, head of the SOMA Black Parents Workshop.

Lawson-Muhammad is married to the great-grandson of Nation of Islam founder, Elijah Muhammad.

The incident marks the latest scandal involving New Jersey officials abusing their positions of power after a Port Authority commissioner and Democrat lobbyist were forced to resign following the release of video footage showing her verbally abusing Tenafly Police during a traffic stop.

Just a week ago, investigative journalists at Project Veritas exposed rampant corruption and ethics violations within NJ teachers’ unions, leading to the suspensions of at least two ranking officials.

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