SNL Mocks Tucker Carlson, Roger Stone in Cold Open

Left attempts to discredit Fox hosts, Trump associates.

Image Credits: screenshot/YouTube.

Saturday Night Live went after Fox News hosts and Trump associates during its cold open, including recently indicted Trump advisor Roger Stone.

The skit opens with Fox hosts “Tucker Carlson” and “Jeanine Pirro” discussing President Trump’s decision to reopen the government.

Further along in the segment, “Carlson” interviews Steve Martin’s overacted and poor portrayal of Roger Stone.

“Honestly, I think I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my whole life,” Martin’s Stone says. “I mean, seven felonies – I can’t even count that high! How cool is that?”

The bit goes on to make the point that despite the fact Stone is 66 years old, has no criminal record, and isn’t a flight risk, FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s decision to raid Stone’s home in the early morning was justified.

“I’m 66! I’m almost as old as Sting!” Martin’s Stone shouts.

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