So It Was Terrorism: Attacker Who Rammed Car Into Victims Upset at “Mistreatment of Muslims”

Rambled about "Allah" & Australia's domestic spy agency

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Contradicting initial claims that the man who drove a car into Christmas shoppers in Melbourne yesterday was merely “mentally ill,” Saeed Noori told police that his rampage was actually motivated by perceived “mistreatment of Muslims”.

19 people were injured after Noori deliberately drove his vehicle into a crowd of people outside Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street station. Some of the victims are still in critical condition.

According to Police Commissioner Shane Patton, the 32-year-old Afghan born man attributed his actions to “perceived mistreatment of Muslims,” an odd motivation given that Australia provided him with refugee status.

The man also repeatedly invoked “Allah” and rambled about ASIO, Australia’s domestic spy agency.

This clearly suggests that the attack was motivated by religious and political grievances, explicitly confirming that it was a terrorist attack, contradicting dubious early reports that were regurgitated by news outlets around the world that the man was merely suffering from mental illness.

However, most news outlets have already moved on from the story and the perception that the attack was the work of a drug-addled lunatic and not an Islamic terrorist has now been cemented, despite being completely false.

As we highlighted yesterday, authorities around the world are now rushing to play the “mental illness” card after nearly every “lone wolf” terror attack because it enables them to avoid addressing a deeply disconcerting reality – the fact that first world countries have imported a belief system that is completely incompatible with western society.

Whether Noori had any connection to international terrorist groups isn’t the issue.

This was a terrorist attack by an Islamic terrorist who was motivated by his religious and political beliefs.

The more authorities choose to bury their heads in the sand and lie to the public about the true nature of these incidents, the more likely they are to happen over and over again in the absence of realistic solutions being discussed.


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Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison