Social Media Influencer Exposes COVID Vaccine Pay-To-Propagandize Scheme

Tax dollars being used to pay influencers to push COVID vaccine

Image Credits: odysee screenshot.

A popular social media influencer shared a private message she was sent offering a cash payment if she promoted the COVID-19 vaccine to her followers.

“As a leading provider of the COVID-19 vaccine, (censored) wants your help in amplifying the social movement, raising awareness, and establishing a positive association for the COVID-19 vaccine,” the proposal stated.

The message continued, “The goal is to promote an overall hopeful sentiment around things people are looking forward to once they are vaccinated (eg., hugging grandparent, a night out with the girls, going to a ballgame, a concert, etc).”

Once willing social media influencers upload their pro-vaccine content, the notice says, “You’ll receive $1,300 via PayPal.”

The pay-to-propagandize scheme comes with a detailed set of instructions for how to best market the vaccine.

In “Frame 1:” the influencers are told to share their excitement about taking the jab or preparing to be vaccinated.

For “Frame 2:” the participants are ordered to share videos and images relaying what they’re most looking forward to doing after getting the shot.

“Frame 3:” gets the followers involved by encouraging them to share what activities they are hoping to engage in post-vaccination.

However, the narrative that people can get “back to normal” after more individuals are vaccinated is a total facade.

The establishment admits even after receiving the experimental mRNA gene therapy “vaccines,” everyone still needs to wear a mask and social distance.

Using social media influencers to push the vaccine on Americans is only a fraction of the propaganda campaign being waged by the Biden Administration.

Just last week, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki announced the administration invested $3 billion in a “Community Core” operation meant to “provide fact-based messages into the hand of local messengers.”

As the government spends your money to brainwash Americans, many influencers are using social media to fight back against the disinformation agenda.

For example, the following Instagram user’s video went viral after she exposed the companies producing COVID vaccines for having to repeatedly pay damages for fraud.

The billions of dollars being thrown towards propagandizing Americans shows the government is concerned We The People are not going along.