Socialism For Thee, Not For Me: Bernie Demands Hotel Rooms With Cold A/C, Fast-Flushing Toilets in Leaked Memo

Meanwhile, residents of socialist Venezuela go without electricity and running water

Image Credits: David Becker/Getty Images.

Apparently Bernie Sanders enjoys capitalist hotel amenities which are not common in socialist countries, according to a campaign memo.

The leaked “Senator Comfort Memo” reported by the Smoking Gun reveals that the socialist Sanders expects ice cold A/C and fast-flushing toilets.

“If thermostats cannot be lowered to 60 degrees (some hotels have a 65 degree temperature limit) 1 fan should be placed in the room to keep it cool,” the memo states.

Additional instructions state that the room should be ice cold by the time Sanders arrives.

“Make sure room temperature is at 60 (or 65 with the one fan running),” another page states. “Check for any leaky faucets, slow flushing toilets, slow draining bathtubs, hot water, etc.”

Needless to say these are not amenities enjoyed by the general public in socialist Venezuela, which experiences routine electrical blackouts even in its wealthiest cities.

A Spanish-language news outlet, EFE, interviewed Venezuelan residents last year who detailed the long hours of no electricity that exacerbated the country’s food crisis due to the lack of refrigeration.

One resident in particular said his lightbulbs are only lit two hours a day despite living “in front of the state power company:”

Alberto Lopez, a 50-year-old worker who spoke with EFE while bathing in a ravine, since the plumbing in his house, he said, has been dry for longer than he can remember.

The blackouts “have heated up my freezer and my refrigerator completely, so I don’t have anything right now, I’m ruined,” he said with the same anger as when he talked about living in front of the state power company, and even so can only keep his light bulbs lit for two hours a day.

The outlet also interviewed an office worker who struggles to find transportation to come home before the lightless street get too violent:

“I’ve been more than 24 hours without electricity. Sometimes it turns on, but after two or three hours it’s off again,” said the woman, 40, who spoke of having no water in her house since last December, since with no electricity, water pumps don’t work.