Somali Teens Attack People With Hammers in Minnesota – MSM Silent

8-10 juveniles hit citizens with hammers and metal pipes at a transit station

Image Credits: flight of the troglodyte | Flickr.

A group of 8-10 Somali teenagers armed with hammers attacked and injured several people at a rail station in Minnesota on Friday night.

In Minneapolis Police Department dispatch audio, a report of “a group of 8-10 males chasing people with hammers” was called in.

The attack occurred at the East Bank Light Rail Station near the University of Minnesota and the infamous Little Mogadishu neighborhood.

“The U of M PD is asking for assistance from Metro Transit and Minneapolis for a group of 8-10 males at the East Bank Light Rail station chasing people around with hammers. They do have some people injured,” the audio confirms.

Below is a report filed by the University of Minnesota police, showing “a group of Somali juveniles” brandished “metal pipes” and fled police.

An alleged witness said, “It was a group of Somali young males with hammers and bars. They were attacking anyone who looked like they had money or were white.”

“I kinda hurried an older white lady away and walked a few blocks to catch a bus,” he continued. “They pretty much ignored me but i was in ratty work clothes and am half arabic. Guess they gave me a pass.”

The bystander also mentioned he would have done something about the attack if he was armed, saying, “I really wish I had a concealed carry permit because then maybe I could of stopped at least a few of them.”

The incident took place on Friday, May 17 and has yet to receive coverage by any mainstream news outlet.

The district where the attack happened is run by controversial Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar and was labeled “the terrorist recruitment capital of the US,” by Fox News.

In 2016, investigative journalist Ami Horowitz exposed the radicalized ideology of citizens who live in Lilttle Mogadishu as they openly admit they would prefer Sharia Law over the U.S. Constitution.

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