“Somebody Is Orchestrating All of This” – Border Reporters Expose Powerful Forces Behind Migrant Crisis

“The documents we’ve seen indicate it’s the U.N. behind it."

Image Credits: Video Screenshot / BorderHawk.news.

Powerful forces are responsible for the historic migration crisis playing out at America’s borders.

Millions of migrants from around the world are making their way to the United States with the help of NGOs, intergovernmental organizations, and the Biden regime, as Infowars has frequently documented.

“Overall, I think it’s very well organized, whoever is behind it,” immigration reporter Auden Cabello told BorderHawk.news in a recent interview. “The documents we’ve seen indicate it’s the U.N. behind it. That’s what I have seen. They’re the ones orchestrating the whole pipeline, how they’re moving the migrants.”

Cabello explained how the careful planning was readily apparent during the recent invasion of Del Rio, Texas, by tens of thousands of Haitian migrants.

Busloads of migrants arrived in Acuña, Mexico, from other points across the country, and the occupants were effectively herded into the U.S. in a massive, coordinated surge.

“Somebody is orchestrating all of this,” Cabello said.

Border Hawk recently traveled to the U.S.-Mexico frontier with Cabello to uncover evidence of the ‘secret hands’ guiding migrants to the U.S.

They revealed the United Nations is providing illegal migrants de facto ‘roadmaps’ showing them how to navigate their way through Central America and Mexico to reach the U.S. and then what steps they need to take to ensure they can stay in the country.

Border Hawk also discovered a graveyard of IDs, visas, and other documents migrants ditch on the Mexican side of the Rio Grande before before crossing into the U.S. and claiming asylum.

Their findings corroborate Infowars reporting on U.N. debit cards distributed to migrants bound for the United States and Europe.

In November, 2018, Infowars Europe helped bring to light revelations that migrants were using preloaded MasterCard debit cards bearing insignias of the E.U. and U.N. to pay for goods and services along their journeys.

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