Soros Secret Meeting With Spanish President

90-minute meeting reportedly off-record

The president of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez, has met in the Moncloa Palace with George Soros, one of the billionaires linked to the illegal Catalan referendum of October 2017. The meeting took place in secret this Wednesday afternoon and no stenographers were present.

The meeting, according to Spanish news outlet OKDiario, lasted about an hour and a half. Soros is one of the most powerful fortunes in the world, known for his opposition to Trump and Brexit, his fostering of the illegal immigration into Europe and his involvement in the illegal Catalan referendum last year.

This comes just two weeks before he will publicly meet with Quim Torra, the recently-elected Catalan leader (in lieu of the fugitive Carles Puigdemont). Soros has claimed that Trump is “a danger to the world”, his globalist foundation has been booted out of his native Hungary by Victor Orban, and he drew blood with the recent debt crises in Italy and Spain.

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